Essay assistance

​​Our essay coach helps students find their stories and provides feedback on personal statements and essays for college applications and scholarships.

Member of National Association of College Admissions Counselors 

Irene Frazier- has a Bachelor's degree in English from UC Berkeley and a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction from CSUS. She taught at Nevada Union High School for 32 years and has coached students in writing for 35 years.  She stays up-to-date through reading, frequently attending webinars, and paying attention to her friend Jill Haley. 

Advantage College Counseling believes that every student deserves to find the right college.  

Professional Team

Our Goal

Our goal is to simplify the college search, application and financial aid process while finding the right fit for each student. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with students and their parents. 

What We Do

Jill Haley/Independent College Counselor          Irene Frazier/Essay Coach      530-277-5365            530-9132920

Jill Haley, MSW, PPS has worked in college admissions for more than twenty years in both the high school and private sector. Jill maintains strong professional relationships, and regularly visits colleges, and universities. She is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC) and and operates according to their ethical standards.

Jill also writes a monthly column in the Union Newspaper on college admissions.

•  Help students explore college options and affordability through targeted surveys

•  Create a college list that is right and fits each family's needs 

•  Guide ​students through the application process

•  Discover the best financial fit and instruct parents on the financial aid process

​                     ​Advantage College Counseling

          College search and application guidance for high school students and their families.

                       WE offer a calm, professional approach to the college application process.