Jill Haley/Independent College Counselor

Surveys to help you decide on

Majors or Careers

Guided Path Login:  https://guidedpath.mycca.net/.

Welcome to Advantage College Counseling

Our goal is to simplify the college search, application and financial aid process while finding the right fit for each student. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with students and their parents.  

Search for the ideal college

​Parents and students will have access to GuidedPath- a cloud based planning tool that we use to organize the college application process. This tool will help you each step of the way by:

Using  surveys to explore your learning style and background. 

The testing tool allows you to track testing dates and keeps you on top of registration deadlines. You can also record all your scores in one easy to access place.

Explore college data using a robust searching tool.

The application tool will help you keep on top of all the details of each application so you never miss a deadline.

Track SAT/ACT scores


Why Hire an Independent College Counselor?

Finding the right college can be one of the most important decisions your family can make. But navigating college applications, and financial aid forms can be overwhelming for busy families.  An Independent College Counselor can play a vital role in this process by helping each student : 

•  Explore college options and affordability through targeted surveys

•  Create a college list that is right and fits each family's needs 

•  Guide ​students through the application process

•  Discover the best financial fit and instructing parents on the financial aid process

Essay Assistance

​​Our essay coach helps students find their stories and provides feedback on personal statements and essays for college applications and scholarships.

College Search

Advantage College Counseling provides one-on-one help in finding the right college for each student taking into account social, academic and financial needs.

Application Assistance

Admissions is about more than just test scores and grades. We identify each student's strengths and interests and work to create the most successful college applications.